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Raymond Aguayo's Online Memorial Photo

Memorial Curator

Memorial Biography

Raymond was born in Los Angeles CA, February 18, 1976 to Cecelia Garcia and Albert Aguayo. Born into a Catholic family, he grew up learning about our God. In elementary and junior high he did very well in school. He moved to Orange County with his mom and sister when he was about 11 years old. He went on to finish his high school diploma. In his early twenties in was lead to the Lord by Pastor Bill William, whom he looked up to with admiration. He carried his Bible with him and was well read with the scriptures. A few years later he met Audrey and married her in 2001. He helped Audrey care for her grandfather, who he grew close to and called "pops", until he passed away in 2002. He then moved back to Anaheim and soon started to work for Clean City. There was a time when you could find Raymond taking his lunch and reading the Bible. He also helped to minister to the kids at Freedom Bible Church, which he enjoyed doing. He always had a special place in his heart for children and the elderly.

Raymond  is survived by his wife of 14 years, Audrey Schultz. His mother Cecelia Garcia, sister Rosemary (Vince) Juarez, his two nephews Vincent and Nicholas Juarez. Grandmothers Connie Garcia and Victoria Aguayo. Many uncles and aunts who have seen him grow into a man. Cousins who have played with him and friends who have had the chance to experience his kindness. Raymond you have left a whole in our hearts.